About the Presenter and Strategist


The organisation is operated by Kristine Best, who discovered the value of health and wellbeing at the age of 10 when she came across an article in a magazine her mother was reading. Kristine ripped the pages from the magazine, took them to her room and began reading. The article caught her attention because it was about breathing and Kristine suffered from asthma. The article listed some deep breathing exercises, and Kristine did them every day and never had asthma again. Little did she know at that time how this would influence her life.  

Kristine continued to gain awareness and knowledge of wellness through her teenage years. At 13 she understood the power of posture and from 14 onwards developed a keen interest in health and wellbeing, vitamins and minerals and physical fitness.  

Kristine is a life-long learner. Kristine's experience and qualifications are: 

  1. Operating her Natural Therapies and Injury Rehabilitation business for over 20 years helping many people with their wellness; 
  2. Consulting to organisations on posture and ergonomics; 
  3. Running seminars, courses and workshops on wellness topics; 
  4. Attained an Associate Diploma in Applied Science (Exercise Science) 1989; 
  5. Attained a Bachelor of Sports Science 1995; 
  6. Certificate IV Training & Assessment 2009;  
  7. Diploma of Occupational Health & Safety 2012; and 
  8. Leadership, Engagement, Productivity, Coaching and Marketing 2022 to 2023 
  9. In May 2023 attained credentials as Practitioner of NLP; Timeline Therapy Techniques Practitioner and NLP Coach;
  10. In July 2023 Kristine completed Master Practitioner of NLP (American Board of NLP), Timeline Therapy Techniques Practitioner and NLP Coach; and
  11. Currently undertaking a Master of Business Administration at the Australian Institute of Business.