Be what you want the world to be. Be original, Be unique. Be you!” - Kristine Best

Cruising with Kristine

Kristine Best, Singer, Songwriter, Artist, Sports Scientist and Wellness Coach, welcomes you to her web site.

Kristine Best

Cruising with Kristine

People say that life is short, but it is amazing what you can pack into it when you want to, when you find things that excite you, when that fire inside you is ignited.

My life changed when I made the commitment in December 2016 to pursue my heart's desire to write, play music, sing and explore where that might lead me. My path took me into unknown territory: up steepĀ  mountains, down into dark ravines, scaling cliffs and taking flying fox rides across what seemed like insurmountable terrain. My journey has been daunting, scary and challenging but exilarating, exciting and fun. It's been inspirational and empowering. Along the way, I met supportive people, found fabulous friends and I learned a great deal about myself, what I'm capable of, what I can achieve and what I can do for others. There is so much I'm grateful for and I look forward to the unfolding future chapters of my life. There are so many things I want to share with you, so join me for all the stories.

Press photos

Kristine Best, looking cool, dressed casually in denim, wearing her trademark cap, with her congas (a conga and a kinto actually). She loves playing percussion.
Kristine Best with her Martin guitar at Canton Beach, New South Wales and she's wearing her trademark cap.Australia
Kristine Best, looking smart, dressed in orange, white and black, playing her cajon. Kristine loves playing percussion.


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