About the 1-Day Seminar 

What does this mean for you? 

You will gain: tools and techniques for success; ways to prevent aches and pains and headaches; life-changing strategies to ward off ill-health; and, you are empowered to give your body the opportunity to function at its best, both now and into the future. 

When you attend "Wellness - The Well You" you get the power to direct the course of your health and wellbeing, a 55-page Workbook, tools and techniques to harness your internal resources, sample training programs, healthy meal recipes,  and a recipe for a healthier life.  The seminar covers:


  • hydration
  • exercise and the energy systems involved
  • nutrition
  • the amazing processes that take place in your body
  • how your posture affects you
  • life balance, and
  • mindset and more

Morning, lunch and afternoon breaks give you time to recharge. Get your bonus FREE GIFT when you register and pay. 

Price = AU$997 (approx US$650). Make wellness a priority and REGISTER NOW below.